About SNAP

SNAP is the protocol spoken by all Synapse Wireless devices. You can use our SNAP modules we create, or you can incorporate the chipsets into your own hardware.

With the SNAP OS firmware installed, devices automatically use an ad-hoc radio mesh network with other SNAP devices in range, so each can pass information back and forth and can relay messages to other SNAP devices that might be out of the original sender’s range. With a line-of-sight range up to three miles, your devices can be distributed over a wide geographical area (or all grouped in the same building) and still maintain automatic communication between devices.

Five SNAP devices in a Mesh Network

Because these devices are a combination of a data radio and a microprocessor, they can not only relay, send, and receive instructions from somewhere else, but can apply business intelligence using SNAPpy, a scripting language based on the Python programming language.

You can create scripts to monitor input signals (serial, analog, or digital) and control outputs, as well as sending and receiving serial data, or connecting to other devices over connections like SPI and I2C.

This means you can use SNAP products to keep track of and control what’s going on somewhere else. The control can come from explicit commands you send, or from automated instructions triggered in response to timed events or changes to the environment.

Cohesive “Things” Platform

It incorporates hardware and software tools to assist you in developing your IoT applications from the node to the gateway and up into the cloud. Pick and choose the best tools for the custom application you are creating.

Distributed Intelligence

SNAP is powerful enough to implement local business logic or to relay messages to the cloud for analysis, providing intelligence where you need it the most to meet the needs of your application.

Device Management

Managing the software and devices that make up IoT systems is a complex task. SNAP incorporates the ability to view and interact with components at many levels. SNAPtoolbelt provides visibility into live networks for development or debug purposes. SNAPbuild can compile scripts that SNAPtoolbelt can push to devices.

Over-the-Air Field Upgrades

SNAP was designed such that all elements support over-the-air updates and new feature additions. This greatly reduces the headache of upgrading deployed systems, but also speeds the development and test process before systems even hit the field

Designed for Security

The SNAP platform was designed to provide security at all levels and utilizes industry standard methods to keep the network along with its data and devices safe. The nature of SNAP mesh networks and communication provides threat compartmentalization from standard IoT attacks.