The Ethernet port does not work or eth0 does not appear in ifconfig

Most likely, your MAC address has not been set. If you run ifconfig -a and see output similar to:

eth_badmac Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:1c:2c:ff:ff:ff

Your MAC address has reverted to the default and needs to be set. See SNAPconnect is not working below.

SNAPconnect is not working

Check for one of the following possible issues:

  • SNAPconnect may be out of date.
    Prior versions of SNAPconnect were incompatible with some version of the Python Tornado package or may have failed to obtain the MAC address correctly. Upgrade to the latest version of SNAPconnect by using the instructions in E12-Specific Software Packages.
  • Your MAC address is not set.
    From the linux command line, run:
    sudo fw_setenv ethaddr "00:1c:2c:xx:xx:xx"
    (Replace the XX entries with your last three octets of your Ethernet MAC address, which should be found on the label on your E12’s case. Be sure to use the Ethernet MAC address (labeled ETH MAC) and not the SNAP MAC address or Wi-Fi MAC address.)
    Then reboot.

Cannot SSH into my E12

You cannot SSH into the E12 as root, or any user account which does not have the password set. Be sure to have set a password for the account you want to use to connect.