Mounting Instructions

The E20 has a number of mounting holes along the outside flanges of the unit, any of which can be used for mounting the E20 to a solid surface.

Synapse also provides an optional DIN Rail Mounting kit (part AC021-001) if you wish to mount the E20 on a DIN rail. There are two options for DIN rail attachment depending on your available space.

Mounting Flat Against the DIN Rail

Attach the two white mounting clips to the E20 as shown in the diagram below:


Mounting Perpendicular to the DIN Rail

  1. Attach the white mounting clip to the stand-off bracket using the two screws provided with the DIN rail kit as shown in the diagram below.

  2. Remove the top and bottom screws from the narrow edge of the E20, leaving the one in the center.

  3. Using the screws you just removed, attach the mounting bracket to the E20 as shown in the diagram.