Command Reference

SNAPtoolbelt provides access to the fundamental operation on a SNAP network.


  • Multicast Group, TTL, and DMCast Delay are all given default values in the Network configuration, but may be overridden per-command here.
  • All target addresses must be in 6-character form: 0deCAF, 012345.
  • The special address “bridge” can be used to specify your connection’s bridge node, even if the exact address is not known. (One way to discover your bridge node’s address is to use snap node info.)
  • Arguments in quotes ("test", 'abc') are parsed as strings.
  • "" and '' are both parsed as empty strings.
  • All numbers are parsed as integers: (0x10 == 16, 100 == 100)
  • Booleans (True, False) are parsed as booleans
  • None is parsed as None (Pythonic None, not the string 'None')
  • Strings with unprintable characters need to use C/Python-style escape sequences: "\xab\xcd\xef" == '\xab\xcd\xef'