Global Options

SNAPtoolbelt commands are nested. Global options must come after the initial snap, but before the first subcommand. These options can be used with all commands.

snap [global-options] subcommand ...


-p <profile>, --profile <profile>

Specify which profile you want to use, default is the default.


-n <network>, --network <network>

Specify which network you want to use, default is the default.

Log Level

-l (debug|info|warn|error|critical), --log-level (debug|info|warn|error|critical)

Specify the level at which SNAPtoolbelt should log.


SNAPtoolbelt always logs to STDERR. If you need to log to a file, you will need to redirect STDERR using your shell of choice.

Output Formats

-o (dkvp|json|json-pretty|tab), --output-format (dkvp|json|json-pretty|tab)

By default, the output is provided in tabular format:             8          0xbbbb
device.core                 2.7.1
device.feature-bits         0x011f
device.platform             RF200
device.script-crc           0xcc65

A Delimited Key-Value Pair format is also provided. MLR can be used to convert DKVP into CSV or other formats. For example, the (partial) output of a node info query in DKVP:,,device.core=2.7.1,device.feature-bits=0x001f,device.platform=SS200,device.script-crc=0xf50d

JSON output is also possible:

{"": 8, "": "0xbbbb", "device.core": "2.7.1", "device.feature-bits": "0x001f", "device.platform": "SS200", "device.script-crc": "0xf50d"}