Be sure to follow the General Setup procedures to install all of the necessary requirements before installing the package.

Install via pip

Use pip to install SNAPbuild:

pip install --extra-index-url snapbuild

This will install SNAPbuild into the Scripts or bin folder of your Python path. In order to execute SNAPbuild from any directory in a command window, it is recommended that you add the Python Scripts or bin folder to your system’s PATH environment variable. You may need to reopen your command window for any PATH changes to take place. At this point, you should be able to open a command window and issue the command:

snapbuild --version

The command should return the version of SNAPbuild that is installed.

Install Firmware

Before you can use SNAPbuild you will also need to install firmware for your targeted module types.

Use the --help flag to see which SNAPcore versions support each module type. Once you have determined the firmware version that you need, issue the following command to install it. Note that you must replace the $VERSION placeholder with the actual version of SNAPcore that you need (e.g. 2.7.2 or 2.6.2):

pip install --extra-index-url \