Portal is an interactive, wireless application development environment that runs on Windows. Users develop applications using a syntax-highlighted Python editor to create scripts to wirelessly download into SNAP devices. Portal supports a fast, real-time view of your SNAP network, configuration and monitoring of your devices, an RF channel analyzer, data and event logging, and more.


Resources for Portal IDE:

Resource Description MD5
Portal IDE v2.8.3 Portal IDE for Windows 4965e3d5aa77f5c282a9682343923eba
Portal IDE Reference Manual Application reference manual 03dd377a30558798225c139654307a39
Portal Release Notes v2.8.3 release notes b00c26fe766b2e2157b6b29c32e58906
SNAP Sniffer User Guide Product user guide 5ac904ac24c9155105bc1a1e6fb8c067