SNAPconnect Package

SNAPconnect is a Python library that you can import into your own client applications to allow them to access your SNAP network the same way Portal and SNAPtoolbelt do. This section describes how to install and remove SNAPconnect, as well as provide some best practices and example projects.



There are two licensing options available when using SNAPconnect.

Free Evaluation License

A “fixed address, 10-node” license is provided with the SNAPconnect library. Applications that only require a small number of SNAP nodes (up to 10 embedded SNAP Nodes, not counting the SNAPconnect application and optionally Portal) require no additional license.

Every node on a SNAP network must have a unique SNAP address. The address of SNAPconnect nodes using the free evaluation will be fixed at SNAP Address 00.00.20, so only one instance of a SNAPconnect node using the free evaluation can be on the SNAP network at a time. If you have a need for multiple SNAPconnect instances on the same SNAP network, a SNAPconnect license must be purchased, providing a unique SNAP address for the node.

Unrestricted License

To move your SNAPconnect instance to a different (unique) address or to use more than 10 nodes in your network, requires a license file which specifies what SNAP addresses you are authorized to use. Contact to order one or more SNAPconnect licenses.

Once you have obtained your License.dat file, copy it to the same directory as your application software.


SNAPconnect gateways, such as the SNAPconnect E12 or SNAPconnect E20, come with an unrestricted SNAPconnect license.