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Welcome to the Synapse developer site! If you’re new here, check out our Getting Started page to understand what SNAP is and what it can do for you.

Check out our learning paths for more information about:

Learning Paths

Discover how easy it is to configure a simple data collection application or control your devices.

Synapse offers a line of modules that run the SNAP network operating system (including SNAP Mesh, SNAP virtual machine (VM), and SNAP OS) to simplify and speed up your development.

The SNAP Thing Services provide many of the building blocks needed to develop SNAP-based applications: services such as device management, data collection, and device actuation. For some applications, however, more custom solutions may be required.

Learn about the awesome tools Synapse offers to assist developers with the various needs of a SNAP Network including: Portal, SNAPtoolbelt and SNAPbuild.