Factory Restore

From time to time you may need to restore a SNAPconnect E12 to the factory default state.

Restoring from a microSD Card

Download image

Download the newest microSD card SNAPconnect E12 installer image.

Write new image to a microSD card


Using an application such as Win32DiskImager, program the microSD card with the downloaded image.


Use dd from the command line, where if is the sdcard image file and of is the device location of the microSD card device. For example:

$ dd if=e20-VERSION-sdcard.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M

$ sync
$ eject /dev/sdX


Ensure that the of variable points to the correct microSD card device location before executing this command.

Remove the E12 from the Case

Remove power and remove the E12 board from its metal casing. Use proper ESD strategies while touching the bare E12 board.

Insert microSD

Insert the microSD card into the microSD card slot.

Use microSD to restore E12

  • Hold the button on the back of the PCB (not the button near the slot)

  • Apply power

  • Release the button

After a few moments, the LED should turn from amber to red, indicating the restore process is in progress. After about five minutes (your time may vary depending on factors such as the speed of your microSD card), the LED will turn green, indicating that the process is complete. Finally, disconnect power from the device, remove the microSD card, reassemble the E12.

Your SNAPconnect E12 is now restored and ready to use.