Technical Specifications

The Synapse Wireless E12 gateway is a free-standing ARM Cortex-A8 based Linux computer running Ubuntu 22.04, and incorporating a 2.4 GHz Synapse RF module that connects the device to SNAP-powered mesh networks. The gateway is available with serial connectivity through a microUSB connection, and Ethernet connectivity through the RJ-45 connector.

This arrangement provides for a wide range of possibilities for monitoring sensor networks, controlling remote devices, and driving the internet of things.

Hardware Specifications


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


TI AM335x 1GHz




512M DDR3


10/100 Ethernet, WiFi, SNAP 2.4 GHz

USB host

USB 2.0 type A

USB client

Micro-USB (serial)

Min Operating Temperature


Max Operating Temperature


Board Size

15.5cm x 9cm x 2cm

Unit weight

582 grams (without antennas)

Input Voltage

Nominal: 12-24V DC
Absolute: 7-36V DC

Storage Expansion


LEDs / Buttons

4 Green LEDs
2 Red/Green LEDs
1 Button


This equipment is certified by Underwriters Laboratories for operation in a maximum ambient temperature of 65°C. The product safety standard to which this unit is evaluated and certified, IEC 60950-1, and UL 60950-1 for the US and Canada, specifies a maximum temperature limit of 70°C on metal surfaces that may be touched. During operation, there is a slight temperature rise on the surfaces of the E20. Therefore, when installed into an ambient environment at 70°C, the surface temperatures on the E20 may exceed the limit of 70°C.

E12 Dimensions

E20 Dimensions